GeoMesher: Meshing a GeoDataFrame using Gmsh#

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GeoMesher is a fork of pandamesh. The original package included two mesh generators: Triangle and Gmsh. This fork only includes the Gmsh mesh generator since Triangle seems to be not maintained anymore. Also, GeoMesher adds the following new functionalities:

  • A new method for returning the generated mesh as a GeoDataFrame.

  • A new function called gdf_mesher that can generate a mesh from a GeoDataFrame with a single function call and with sane defaults for the mesh generator.

  • Remap a scalar field from the source GeoDataFrame to the generated mesh, using an area weighted interpolation method (based on Tobler).

  • Handle MultiPolygon geometries in the source GeoDataFrame.

Note that the remapping functionality of GeoMesher is a simple areal interpolation method. For more advanced interpolation methods, please use Tobler.


GeoMesher is a fork of pandamesh (MIT License) and uses one of the modules in Tobler (BSD-3-Clause License).